Sunday Bible Classes (all ages) – 9:30am
Sunday AM Worship – 10:30am
Sunday PM Worship – 5pm
Wednesdays – Early class 2:30pm (breaks for summer)
7pm – Bible Classes for all ages and English as a Second Language for adults


Taylor Cave

Taylor and Connie served South Walker years ago in youth ministry and then spent ten years sharing the Good News of Jesus the Messiah with others in Vitoria, Brazil. Taylor’s favorite thing to do is answer questions about God and any other topic found in the Bible – even the tough ones! If you have a good question for Taylor contact him.

Gary Canan

Gary works with all aspects of church life, especially ministry to teenagers.

Paul Sparks

Paul and Linda Sparks shared the “Gospel of peace” in the country of Northern Ireland before returning to South Walker. He retired in August 2017 after 40 years of full-time ministry. All told, Paul spent 2 1/2 years in ministry training, 3 years in foreign mission work, and 36 years in full-time preaching. He currently serves South Walker as an elder.

Beverly Grove

Besides all their amazing work with the church, Beverly and her husband James tutor elementary students who grow up to do amazing things!